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Anespa DX

By Enagic

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Anespa DX

The exclusive ANESPA Home Spa System transforms your ordinary bathroom into a natural hot spring resort. ANESPA produces a continuous stream of healthy ionized mineral water. It removes chlorine and other harmful substances in your tap water, and adds safe, moisturizing minerals that are healthy for your skin and hair. Enjoy a lovely shower or bath in ANESPA hot spring water!

* Activated charcoal filter with a Futama-ceramic inner filter containing:

1] Tufa: A mineral stone taken directly from the Futamata Radium Hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan. This stone gives the water the same gentle and relaxing effect of a hot spring.

2] MIC Stone: Generates activated mildly alkaline water which is good for your skin.

3] Power stone: Generates strong negative-ions.

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